Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am so terrible at sending cards, I mean I am good for holidays at mass sending out cards, but aside from that I am terrible. I need to set my reminders up on my phone or something because really, I just feel so guilty when I get a lovely card and have completly forgotten to send one for someone else. Maybe this should be next year's New Year's resolution... No promises people, maybe...

With that said I love looking over at the 2 Sketches 4 You site that sketches out a layout of a card and then makes the card based on the layout. Seems simple, easy and less thinking than I would normally do on a card. Below is one of their sketches and the coordinating card. I just might have to start participating. Not that mine will be as cute, but if I give them out it is purely the thought that counts right?

I love the thought that there is just an idea that is there, and you can make it look however you want. For instance they didn't have the line going across it next to the 1/2 circle in that one, but in the one below they did. I love it! I mean they look completly different yet have the same layout.

I love how the insperation can come from anywhere! It is just awesome! Well, I may just have to use one of those layouts for a birthday card soon. Anyways, to give credit where it is due I found the site because of the site Creative Itch I like seeing what she has done with the layouts and can't want to see more. Ok, well I am off to continue one of my busiest days at work, have a great day!


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