Thursday, September 10, 2009

20 - New Project

I am at 20 posts on the new blog, so exciting! Only 80 more until a giveaway, alright maybe just 30 more until I have one. Would anyone actually participate, or am I too new? We shall see.

Ok, so onto what I was working on yesterday. This item is for a gift, it is something I think they will want (I secretly want one too now), and is entirely made from scratch. What is it? It's a secret.... sorry! But, the good news is that I am going to post a tutorial on it once it is given and maybe, just maybe... while I am making one for me, I will make one to give away. I might not make it to 50 posts after all. Ok, well I have to work on the inside, so here is a very teasing picture (I mean three pictures into one) that I will leave you with. Hope you have a great day!

AJ I hope your doing alright. My thoughts are with you hun.

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