Monday, August 31, 2009

I feel guilty!

So I really had the intentions of blogging this weekend, along with my intentions of crafting this weekend. Yup, both of these didn't happen. Jake ended up having to drive to OK on Friday night for work, so after gymnastics instead of going to the soccer game I went out to dinner with the family. I had the WORST service at my FAVORITE place. So sad, so sad! But, the food as always was AWESOME! Sweet Temptations is home of the famous rock cake and I don't think I have ever had a desert there that I didn't like! Their soups (although odd in ingredients) are always so wonderful.

I know small picture of the rock cake, but you can go here and click on the picture to get a larger screen shot. Anyways, we got home late and then of course I did one of the lanyards. It was easy, but took a little bit longer than I was expecting. I also did a key chain one for my mom with lady bugs and of course I am a goof, because I didn't take a picture of it. But here is the one for Halloween... I still feel like it needs something extra (maybe something shiny), but I don't know, we will see.

Saturday morning was wonderful, Jake and I went to the Wylie Quilt Shop called The Blue Ribbon Quilt Shoppe and picked out some stuff for a present for someone. Ok, well I can't say who or what it is, but it will not be for birthday, but maybe Christmas. The only tease you get is this. I know it is mean, but come on surprises are fun... aren't they?

After that we went to my mom's house and I took her to Suzy's Quilt Shop in Garland. My mom is one of those people who I would prefer to get her to pick things out. She likes surprises, but is definatly one to prefer to pick something out. And trust me... I am not going to spend all that time for her not to like it. So this is what my mom picked out for Christmas.
While Jake and I were at the Wylie quilt shop we also picked out stockings for me to make for the three of us. Only two are pictured, but it was 6 am when I was taking these pictures this morning. Give me the benefit of the doubt.

Aside from this we had a pretty lazy day Saturday, I managed to finish the whip stitching for the binding on the back of my quilt. Pictures later this week of the finished product.

Sunday was a blast, we went on a walk in the morning, went to Peter Piper Pizza (like Chuckie Cheese, except better pizza, but worse game area), and gave Laci her new sneakers. Anyways, that was the weekend. I am feeling guilty because I didn't get any of the crafting I wanted to done, and I now have more projects to tackle. Hum, I am not selling any more items (aside from the one bag that I have already started, although I am still waiting to get paid from one before I start sewing this one together - next time payment upon delivery - NO EXCEPTIONS!).

I might pre make some stuff to sell on etsy eventually, but I have to admit, it just isn't worth it at the moment. I am also not going to be making any more baby bags for gifts either. So if you are inviting me just to get one, it's not going to happen (sorry I am a little bitter at the moment about something). Not trying to tick any one off, because it very well might, but you know what it's ok. If you are really my friend it won't, and you will understand. Ok, well enough of my venting on that.

I have to get back to working. Here are some of the pictures from PPP and of Laci's new kicks! Hope everyone has a fantastic start to their week. It will be a busy one for me, but I will still be trying to get some posts up.
(Crazy child on the Ice Cream Ride with her best friend Mikey)
(Laci and Mikey... um, Laci, please keey your eyes on the road...)

Laci's New Kicks... aren't they cute!

TTFN! Julie

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