Saturday, September 5, 2009


Sorry for the lack of a Friday post, I woke up Thursday feeling really crummy. My throat was scratchy and it was annoying. As the day went on and I talked more it got worse. So the wonderful ran to the store for cough drops and suggested medication. When I got up yesterday it was worse. I thought I might have strep throat. So off to the doctor I went. Good news is no strep, bad news was it was just some "viral" infection that would "probably" go away on it's own. Take some over the counter medication she said. Not what I wanted to hear. I am an advocate for if I am feeling bad, give me something to make me feel better, I did just pay you $30 and wasted an hour. Anyways, I have been taking some stuff to help the symptoms, but still am feeling off as of this morning.

I got up at 6:30, tried to go back to sleep and finally just got up at 7. I figured if I am up I might as well sew. Well, one block and 45 minutes later I just couldn't do it anymore. My body is going to crash, soon and hard. I hate feeling defeated. I mean the first of the month I always push myself at work, but this time I pushed a little to hard I guess. Well I am going to go ahead and wrap this up by saying it might be Monday or Tuesday before any new crafty posts. I just currently don't feel up to the challenge and don't want to disappoint in less than stellar posts.

Hopefully I will feel back to my perky self in no time!

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