Friday, September 11, 2009

21 - It just feels wrong.

I hate posting when I feel like this. Not crafty, not chipper, in actuality I feel so crummy, I wish I could hide under my desk. Luckily I have the best boss in the whole world. Lets just call him MVP because he is very much that. MVP knows I don't just call out sick, or ask for time off if I don't really feel bad. He knows that I am myself very much a valuable player, I mean why else would I have gotten employee of the month for January 2009 out of like 500 employees.

Well lets just say I feel like a rock is crushing my back and that my energy was taken into the nearest socket and sent some where else. Really pleasant huh?!? I know this isn't really what my blog is supposed to be about, it is supposed to be about me crafting and all my neat projects. Well, the last week I have been loosing my energy so quick when I get home that I am in bed by 8:30 right after Laci and asleep by 9:00. I thought it had just been a long week or something. I mean it seems on 4 day weeks that I always get sick like this and the week drags on. Last night I knew something else was wrong, I was asleep or semi-asleep by 8:00 only getting up to take out the contacts and brush my teeth. This morning I was so dehydrated I was very alarmed. I asked/told MVP that I was going to make a doctor's appointment and his response was "OK". Being older he is sick sometimes too and understands.

It doesn't help that I live an hour away and that my doctors are an hour away too. It would be nice to have doctors by work, but really when you feel like this, you really don't want to go back to work anyways. My self diagnosis is that I have a kidney infection again, but I don't think that explains my exhaustion fully, so hopefully my doctor who is a bit of a nut, but does a good job, will give me the right stuff to get me feeling better. I have a comic show to see tomorrow night and I am not missing that thing if I am on all the possible prescriptions in the world. I also want to plant flowers this weekend.

Any suggestions for fall flowers?

Alright well my less than stellar, less than happy, picture less post is done. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and the rain holds off long enough to plant some pretty flowers. That way I can make a happy post, because really who doesn't get happy seeing flowers?

Have a good afternoon!

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