Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take the Time Tuesdays

Ok, so today it is a little easier to take the time than others because I am out of work today. Why? Because as I put in my last post. I still just am not feeling right. Today I am feeling better than yesterday, but I am still nauseated. What I ate probably didn't help, or the fact that I ate it really late, but compared to my splitting headache and nausea yesterday. I will take it.

So yesterday I got to work and thought I was going to spill what I ate, plus I had the closest thing I can think of to a migraine. The only thing that made it better was laying down in a dark room. So I left work, drove to the doctor, got blood work done (still don't have the results) and went and got a CT scan of my head (results came back normal, good I guess, but what is wrong is still unknown). Anyways, so this is part of my lack of posts because I have a major lack of energy. But, let me go through the highlights of my week!

See: My big girl getting bigger. Today we started wearing big girl underwear to school. We did have a small accident before going to school, but we got changed and got our stuff and took it to school. I called earlier and they said that she was doing well. I am sure this will be a couple long weeks ahead, so please think of me and my washing machine during this time.

Hear: Mitch Fatel - Warning... he is a dirty comic, but he is so funny. I got Jake tickets for his birthday. I bought them over two months ahead of time so we had the best seats in the house. Jake was the "gay" guy in his skit. It was AWESOME! We had a wonderful time despite me not feeling the best!

Smell: Beautiful New Flowers in our Front Yard and Cedar Mulch
Jake and I planted these this weekend. Aren't they beautiful.

Touch: The ABC Distributing catalog to pick out all of the Christmas presents I want to order. This place has good stuff at a great price. We will be ordering everything pretty soon.

Taste: Not much of anything. I burnt my tongue a couple days ago, and can't really taste a bunch. But I tell you what those enchiladas I burnt my mouth on were the bomb. I would tell you more about them, but the box is long gone, but I will be getting them again.

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