Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Halloween Outfit

Ok, so I guess being out sick isn't so bad, I got something done. Tell me this isn't cute!

So I got these jeans from kid to kid for a couple bucks. Laci wore them a couple times, but they just didn't fit right. She kind of waddled. So, I cut the jeans off a couple inches below where you see, took the pumpkin fabric and doubled the amount of fabric than the skirt width, then I took the pleater foot and one every 6 stitches had a pleat. After I did that I just pinned it to the skirt and sewed it on. After I got the skirt together I took a piece of fabric and just turned down the edges and sewed it across the shirt and added ribbon on top and on bottom. Isn't it cute! I can't wait to try this on Laci when she gets home.

What do you think of todays creativity?



  1. Adorable! I have some jeans set aside so I can try to make some of those cute skirts for my girls.....hope they turn out as cute as yours!

  2. Misty - It was so easy! I took the rotary cutter and just sliced off the jeans, I knew I hated how they fit her so that made it a little bit easier to butcher the jeans. I can't wait to do this for more outfits. It was easy and only took about an hour and a half to have an outfit that was just too stinkin cute! Her daycare asked me where I bought it and didn't believe I made it until I showed them how I did it. Let me know when you do some so that I can get more ideas on what else to do. TTFN -Julie


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