Monday, January 31, 2011

Dallas Arboretum, Grass Stains and an Awesome Secret!

Yesterday we went to the Dallas Arboretum. They didn't really have any flowers blooming, but it was still beautiful. We went ahead and got a membership for a year because it was so much fun. We had a picnic, played, walked around and just had a GREAT time.

Here is my artistic photo for the day:
Laci 4

Laci and I in front of one of the water fountians:
Laci and Mommy

Another cute one of me and my munchkin:
Laci and Mommy 2

Laci 14

My personal cheeseball:
Laci 3

She looks so sweet and innocent here:
Laci 1

Sitting in the exact spot I sat when Jake asked me to marry him:
Laci 9

This one is here so that I can show you the grass stains that Laci had on her white pants after only a mere 20 minutes (note that she was shortly after changed into jeans for the rest of the pictures)... how do you get rid of grass stains you ask? Read on below:
Laci and Daddy

Do you have a tom-boy, clutsy girl, a boy who also likes to get dirty, etc? Well I have a solution... for years I have used this to get out grass stains from socks and shirts (hubby used to play outdoor soccer) to pants and outfits... what is this miricle you ask? Murphy's Oil Soap! I know you are all saying, isn't that for hard wood floors. YES it is, but it works and here is how.

So you take your pants and pour on some of the Murphy's Oil Soap. Let it sit for a minute and then use your nail and rub the spots, let it sit more and pour on more if necessary. Rub fabric together to get into all the crevices (oh yeah... this one was right on the stitching lines and creases great job Laci, you gave me a doosy this time). Next start filling sink in cold water, put pants in to water and let them soak. Over night if necessary (or if you forget to check on them before going to bed - this is an admission). When you get back to them or wake up in the morning and remember you forgot about them the previous night pull them out and look at them... still a small spot, pour more soap on and use your nail or rub fabric together and it should all come out. Rinse out with cold water, and then wash in the washing machine... here they are after rinsed. I should have taken a better picture, but I promise, they are all clean!

I put them in a fresh sink of water so that the hubby could throw them into the washing machine later with a load. Yes I have a wonderful husband that does laundry. Pretty cool secret huh? The Murphy's Oil Soap part not the hubby doing laundry part. Sheesh. ;o) Have a great week and remember what to do the next time you have a grass stain and think, oh no, those are ruined.


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