Monday, January 24, 2011

Embroidery Problems

Grrr... so yesterday I finally decided to get off of my rear and start my sisters baby bag again (I already cut out all the pieces). First thing, embroider name so that the funkies would be inside the bag. Good thing too since the font did not like the name. I am going to change the embroidery pattern in HOPES that that fixes the problem and do a sample embroidery of the name. I have no clue why it decided to make loops on the H (I stopped 1/2 way through) and now am REALLY hoping that I can change the embroidery pattern of the font because that really was the best font.

Maybe I can try and do the sample embroidery tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed... I will let you know. :o)


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  1. Good luck! Does your sewing machine do embroidery? I am clueless when it comes to fancy sewing machines. I got your email, but this week is going to be crazy so I'll get back to you about the banner later.
    Thanks Julie!


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