Friday, January 28, 2011

Cute Pictures

I love being in training videos... I feel like a celeb!

Here are some of the cute pictures that were taken of me on Monday...
I had literally just picked up the papers on the ground because we had dropped them and Matt took a very akward photo of me...

Practicing our lines (well me listening)

Not sure what I was doing here... Matt was going nuts taking pictures.

Me during filming - JUST LOVE THOSE WRINKLES ON MY FOREHEAD! Just Kidding I hate them. But it is a cute picture...

Right after filming, me walking out:

On a side note, I started to do the mold for the soap last night. Because my house is not 77 degrees the optimal drying temp it is going to take a few days to fully dry. Boo... Oh well, I think it is working correctly so I am excited to get it done so that I can try and make the soap!!!!


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