Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One of those weeks...

Ever had a weeks where you really wish you could fast forward through time? I mean forget the rewind button... nothing I could have done different would have made this week better.

Lets take this morning for example:

1) Wake up at 3:30am and cannot go back to sleep. If I knew that I was going to waste two hours just laying there I would have just gone ahead and gotten up and done something useful in the craft room. Instead I stayed in bed and couldn't stop thinking of a million things to do or about. It was strange!
2) Get out of bed at 5:30, take my usual hot shower, get out, dry hair, go to put on clothes and remember I have to iron my pant cuff because it is stubborn. Well end result Iron and I had a fight over the pant cuff and the iron won because it burnt my pants and I now have a shiny black pant cuff. Will be going to Kohls to replace said pants later.
3) Found out on the way into work that my co-worker called out.

Today is just going to be one of those days. :o(

On an up note I had gotten some photo coasters similar to the ones below at work for REALLY CHEEP I mean like $1.00 for the same set as below (but I will have to spray paint the holder because it has the work logo). Anyways, I stripped off the photo slot in the back because well.. I thought it was useless, then I cut some vinyl with my cricut and SCAL software making the word backwards and put it underneath the tile so that the word or letter comes out right. Well, I need to order more vinyl, but I <3 it! It is adorable and the color of the vinyl is the same on the sticky side as it is on the front, so you don't even notice that you are looking at the sticky side unless you didn't propperly place it down and rub air bubbles out as you were going along. Anyways, I will post pictures once I do a couple more, but we love them and they are ADORABLE!

You can purchase these at Bed Bath and Beyond or as they are now calling it B3 for $5.99 with the coaster holder and 4 coasters. Pretty cool! Also, to top it off, don't forget to use one of those 20% off coupons you have stored up. It may not be much but it brings the total before tax to $4.79. This is a great easy cheap gift you can personalize for a family. Oh, and as a small side note Buy Buy Baby accepts unexpired BBB coupons because they are owned by the same company. So just an FYI... if you need to go there grab another stored up coupon and use it there.

I'll post pics once I have a set completed, this also will give me an excuse to use my light box. Insert big cheesy grin here!


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