Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bag Embroidery Done

I kept my word. Last night I pulled out old faithful... you know I aught to come up with a better name for my sewing machine. I mean I don't name cars, but I feel like it needs a more personal touch. It is temperamental and needs a soft touch some times which makes me think that a male name is more appropriate. Insert laugh here... Until I decide on a name I guess I will call it Old Faithful. Whatever, my rambling can stop now.

So I had an issue with my machine on Sunday morning when I was trying to embroider the name Holden on a piece of fabric for my sister's baby bag. Old Faithful 1 - Me 0.

Last night I re-imported the font, changed the sewing style, density and increased the number of stitches by double... eek. Twice the chance to screw it up.

So, to see what it was going to embroider like I did a test run with a different color of brown to see what it was going to embroider like and if it was going to attempt to loop on me and be mean. It was turning out pretty and I finally stopped it with two letters to go because I knew it was going to be the winner. It was pretty! Here you can see it below doing the sample one. OF 1 - Me 1 <- score is getting tied.

Once I put Laci down to sleep I started working on doing the embroidery for real. I have to say I was holding my breath through most of the 20k stitches. There was one issue I had on the "d" but I worked it out and it looks great. I had to change the bobbin thread with about 2,000 stitches to go but expected that as the test run ran out a little before that. OF 1 - Me 2 <- woo hoo pulled ahead!
Name Smaller

After I finished this I looked at the pattern. There are a couple changes I am going to be making as far as closures go, so I am anxious to see how the magnet is going to work out. Keeping the fingers crossed big time! If it works right it will be GREAT! But really the pattern is pretty easy. So hopefully once I get trucking on it I will do just fine. ***please cross your fingers for me***

Oh, and Ashley... to answer your question from yesterday, yes I do have an embroidery sewing machine. Do I use it as much as I should for what I paid? NO. Do I know how to do the clothing that I just adore and am spending 60 bucks on from etsy (insert guilty NO here)? I am very fortunate to have gotten this wonderful machine, but at the same time feel uber guilty that I don't get much use out of it.

ANYONE WANT TO COME GIVE ME SEWING LESSONS? I mean for clothing, not bags? I REALLY want to learn how to make some twirly dresses and not be so slow. Also I would love a serger, but "A dream is a wish your heart makes" comes to mind, because that isn't happening any time soon. Ok, well enough of that!

Have a GREAT TUESDAY! Hopefully next week I have more of the bag done so that I can link to Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday".


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