Friday, January 29, 2010

Mickey Party Planning - Take 3

After reading this post I am certian I will be nominated for crazy mom of the year award. I mean, it has to be as fun as the Curious George Party last year, the kids just have so much fun & our pictures and memories are completly worth it.

With that said, what would a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party be without Mickey and Minnie Mouse? Oh, and a Mickey Mouse bounce house too?

Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes will be coming from Colossal Imaginations and will be costing $268.15. To have someone play the character was much more! I opted not to have that and will be having Uncle Tim play Mickey Mouse and my mom's old ETI student Cat (ETI - where high school students come and help teach in the classroom) playing Minnie. Here are pictures of the characters and a picture of them in action.

The bouncer is coming from a place called afford a bounce. I found the same bouncer with other companies for delivery and only like 4-6 hours of usage for like almost $300. Now granted with Afford-A-Bounce we are going to have to go pick it up, but we will get it Friday and return it on Sunday morning for $195.00. I just couldn't beat that deal. It was awesome. It has a slide, a basket ball hoop and a big bounce area. It is just pretty neat! Here it is.

Ok, so I know I am crazy and going to be spending almost $500.00 on entertainment stuff, but really its ok. Everything else will pretty much be DIY. I am still looking and trying to come up with games to play. Any ideas are certianly welcomed!


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