Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mickey Party Planning - Take 2

For the food items I want each food item to be named and have a card with the character/food name & a picture of the character by each food item on a place card holder. So far this is what we have come up with...

* Mickey's Marshmallow Munchies (Rice Krispie Treats in the shape of Mickey's head)
* Minnie's Mix (Trail Mix)
* Toodles Tea (Apricot Tea)
* Pete's Pretzels (picture below)
* Pluto's Popcorn (from Popcorn Papa)
* Goofy's Gumdrops (store bought multi colors)
* Donald's Delicious Dogs (Hot Dogs)
* Daisy's Donuts (Donut Holes)
* Clarabelle's Candy (MnM's - originally I thought her name was Clarabelle <- glad I checked!)

* Chip's Cupcakes
* Dale's Dip
* Laci's Lolly pops (I am thinking about doing the Oreo pops below)

Most of these food items are going to be super easy. We are going to do crock pots for the hot dogs, and the sweets (rice krispie treats, cupcakes & apples) will be done the day before. So that day there will be no grill involved (last year we had a very windy experience with the grill and are cutting that one out). That morning we will just have to have donuts for breakfast to pick up a TON of donut holes, and then pick up fresh popcorn from Popcorn Papa (I don't want my house smelling like popcorn).

I found this cookie cutter online at the Disney Store which is what I am using for the rice krispie treat shape. It was only $5.95 plus shipping! I was so excited!

For Pete's Pretzels I found the cutest dipped pretzels online (I am going to DIY them) at Dipped and Delicious, but even though I am going all out... I am too cheep to pay that much for a couple dozen, and all I still need to get is the mickey sprinkles online.

For Laci's Lolly pops I was also looking at something on Dipped and Delicious. They have Oreo lolly pops... I can totally do these and decorate them. What do you think? I will have to try these before hand because I want to make sure that I can get the stick to stay in the Oreo and not come off during dipping. That might be a challenge. I think they layed them in little bead sprinkles to dry, which looks pretty easy.

I am still looking for the place card holder stands, but I don't want to buy 30 quantity and that is what I am finding online.

I still need to come up with a couple games for the kids to play, but I haven't decided what to do. Last year we made tambourines and had a parade. I will have to relive her party soon and share it with you. It was awesome! If you have any ideas for a Mickey game for the kiddo's let me know. I was thinking pin (tape) the bow on Minnie, and maybe cutting out a billion dog bones and which ever kiddo picks up the most... I am VERY open to ideas. Let me know!

59 days folks, I can't wait! I just got the names of the kiddo's in her class and am going to go ahead and put together the invites so that we can have them all ready to mail/hand out when ready.

So excited! What do you think of the food ideas so far?



  1. You are 'sew stinkin' creative!! Love the food ideas!!

  2. Thanks Misty! I am sew excited! I got the Mickey font cartridge and started to put the tops together for Laci's Valentines. I am oddly having a hard time finding pixie stix. I didn't see them at our grocery store or at walgreens. I guess I will have to try Walmart this weekend. They are going to be super cute thanks to you!

  3. You are so crafty! I'm currently planning a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse them 2n'd bday party for my son. " Oh TWO-DLES!" I'm stumped on games. What games did you end up with?


  4. We don't do games at our parties. We just have a bounce house and coloring pages... lots of food and cake. Last year we had face painting and this year we will too.


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