Monday, January 18, 2010

Mickey Apple Attempt – Take 2

So I have come to the conclusion that it is going to take a couple tries to get the apples to work right (if you missed Take 1 check it out here). But with that said, I was successful with the chocolate and not doing the caramel. For starters the caramel was just so expensive, and although I know I could get it to work now, I think I am still going to not do it just to cut down on the cost. Plus, I think the apple will taste just fine with only chocolate and sprinkles.

So Take 2 involved a different type of chocolate, almond bark chocolate to be exact. This chocolate is great for dipping things and decorating (when thinned enough - 4 tablespoons of the shortening it calls for – but I did use three packages so that’s about right). So what did I do to get the ears to stay? I broke down and used toothpicks. Not to leave in, but just to dip let the chocolate harden and then after I pulled the tooth picks out and covered the hole.

So my first 4 attempts did not use the tooth picks and I just tried the ears right on the apple. Here is the third attempt of the night when I was putting it in the fridge to harden, the ears fell off seconds before I could snap the shot. My sister and I laughed until we turned a pretty shade of red it was so funny.

Here it is after we pulled it out of the fridge… looks great upside down, except the part where it looks like Mickey ran his head into a wall.

So after one more unsuccessful attempt I broke down and did the toothpicks. Here are the pictures of them. They look pretty good without doing anything else.

So next weekend I will attempt Take 3 and I think that the 3rd time will be the charm. I sent a couple of the Take 2 trials to Laci’s school today since the teacher said “I am willing to test your attempts.” No problem… not like I need 6 covered apples anyways!

What do you think? This attempt was much more successful than last weekend, and I am so ready to make this perfect and be a great addition to her party!


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  1. Wow! I just got here from craftfail & they look great!


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