Friday, January 15, 2010

Creative Itch - Homemade Valentines!

I love Misty's blog Creative Itch, she always has cute ideas, and I think I am going to totally have to steal her Pixie Stix valentine idea for Laci's valentines/party and make it with a twist. So here is her version of a pixie stix valentine...

So I was thinking to go with the valentine's that we store bought for Laci to hand out (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ones to prelude to her party) that for the candy that I include with the Valentine... I could totally include this pixie stix idea and instead of the circle on the top do a Mickey Mouse head from the Mickey Mouse cricut font cartridge. Then do a smaller circle with a heart in the middle for Valentines. Then for the bottom part include something about the birthday party and Mickey can't wait to see you...

For her birthday party I could have the middle part say "Laci is 3!" or "Have a Happy Day!"

Oh Misty... you are the best!

I now have another thing to add to my to-do list that is growing fiercely as Valentines Day and Laci's party gets closer... I mean these next 71 days are going to go by fast!


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  1. Love your idea! Please post a picture of your finished product!!


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