Friday, January 22, 2010

Challenging myself!

For the last month and a half I have put back on the 15 pounds I have worked SO hard to loose by just eating right. Meaning I took a crash course in junk food the past month and a half. Although it was a delicious ride I am hating my brand new jeans and 4 other pair of pants that are snug. So I am challenging myself. I am joining bootcamp.... no not the Army, just an excercise bootcamp. It is Hard Corps Boot Camp for Women and is a 5 week session 3 days a week from 5-6 am. Yes I just said AM. It is one hour 3 times a week Monday/Wednesday/Friday. I know that after an hour of sweating it out I am NOT going to want to put junk food into my body!

This adventure starts on February 8th and is a month and a half before Laci's party. I am hoping that by the summer I will be comfortable enough in a swimsuit again. My happy weight is 129, my body's happy weight is 135. So I have 20 ish pounds to go and am ready to take the challenge. What is it about having kids that changes your body so much. And if you are going to ask me when I am going to have another... the new answer is "The 12th of Never!" I love my one, but want to get back in shape and um.... my kiddo although I wouldn't trade anything for the world... um destroyed what figure I had left.

So heres goes nothing. I am usually the one behind the camera, but Christmas morning my mom took a picture of me before I got changed or ready... I look terrible, my skin, my glasses, my sports bra, my pajamas... ok, it is tradition to wear your pj's you got the night before for Christmas morning, but I look awful. Truthfully this is the picture that broke the straw for me. I keep thinking about this and know that that is NOT the true me. The true me, does like to look presentable, does like makeup and my hair down (ignoring the fact it is in a ponytail today), does like my contacts in vs. glasses. Anyways, here is the picture of Christmas morning where I am holding my adorable little one Laci and my cute hubby Jake behind me. I am the only one looking like I just rolled out of bed!

If you would like to leave me words of encouragement they are all welcomed as I know I will need it to get my tush out of bed around 4:15am yikes!


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