Monday, January 11, 2010

Denium Rag Quilt

Do you have one of those people that is just really a pain hard to shop for? My mom is probably one of the hardest people to get things for. Much like me, if she sees something she wants, and she just gets it. So I asked her what she wanted for Christmas. Mind you she did open it Christmas Day, I just hadn't had a chance to share with you yet.

When I asked her what she wanted she asked about the denium rag quilt that she had seen me making for me. I thought about it and figured I could do it quickly, fairly cheep and have a great gift for her. So I made the Denium Rag Quilt for her that is pictured below. I took her out to get the fabric, I chose the denium and the finished result was enormous! It is 81 squares of beautiful! Each square (not including the seams) was 9 1/2 inches, so that makes 8 1/2 squares with seams x 9 squares across equals a little over 6 feet by 6 feet. She loves it and I am very happy with the result.

To get the layers tacked together I have the hearts with denium on every other square and a heart without denium on the opposite squares. It turned out great, she loves it, and when I get the motivation to make about another 5000 + cuts with the scissors, sew the rest together, oh and then sit in the laundry mat for a couple more hours... I don't want to jack up my washer and dryer have a washer and dryer big enough. *cough* Although if I thought moms was akward to sew together then I have a problem because mine is going to be 121 squares or just over 7 1/2 fet by 7 1/2 feet. When I get a chance I will start working on it. AGAIN...

Anyways I have tons to do today, including posting on Craft Fail for my Mickey apple attempt - Take 1. Hopefully when I try again next weekend it will go better!

Have a great day!


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  1. Love the denim rag quilt. I have taken this one step further, in a recycling sense. I make my denim rag quilts with old jeans and even sometimes use old flannel shirts or sheets for the other side. I have two templates I use for marking and cutting, one 8" x 8" and one 6"x 11". I find these two sizes allow me to get as many usable blocks from a pair of jeans. I then make a rag quilt with one shape or the other. I usually use the denim for the top of my quilt and the flannel for the back. There is even a pattern out there that is kind of a rag double wedding ring pattern. I have done it too and it is quite attractive. Also, I use a pair of Fiskars scissors with a very short blade and a spring that makes them pop back open after each cut. It makes it so much easier on your hands when you do all that snipping of the edges.


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