Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts - Attn: Courtney - Picture Spoiler

As a warning to Courtney incase you are going to read this click off or you will see your present.

Ok, so now that the warning is over with... so this weekeend I am going to a baby shower for a girl I went to school with (Courtney). Aside from the fact that I am out of shape I am kind of excited to go. I mean really it has been interesting getting to know her and other people from school on Facebook. It is almost 10 years after getting out of high school (ok, only 9...) and I for one am more mature and looking for more friends to be social with. I decided that I wanted to make and take everything personalized or made from scratch. The baby's name is going to be Presley Michelle ______.

So... I still have the diaper wipe holder to make (I loved mine and have to make her one to match), but it won't take but 30 minutes or so. Here is what I have done. I went and got a diaper bag and took off the binding, embroidered the name on, binded it back up (sans the piece of cardboard inside - not sure why it was there). I did feel like it was kind of cheating by buying a bag, but I just didn't have the 8 hours to make one stashed anywhere. I then did the two burp cloths with her name on it, and last did the blanket with the name on it. Needless to say she probably won't get anything like this from anyone else, and to be honnest it only cost like $30.00 and a little time. The bag was $15.00, the fabric for the burp cloths & diaper wipe holder was $11 (it was upholstery fabric) and the embroidery thread was a couple bucks. I would rather spend $30 and time so that she will never forget who gave it to her than $30.00 and this time next month be like... who got that for me? Here are the goods, sorry only time this morning for one picture of everything so far.

What do you think of the goods so far?



  1. It is "sew" stinkin cute! You are very crafty! Love the color!

  2. Thanks HTB, I LOVE your shop stuff! If only I could make clothes like you do for my lil stinker. It's too bad you don't live in the DFW area to give me some lessons. I am horrible at making clothes (aside from pillowcase dresses)! I will for sure be following your blog! Thanks for leaving a comment! ~Julie


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