Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year! I am back!

Ok, so for those of you that stop by and wonder where I have been... no worries. I have just been gathering up my sanity from how busy the holidays were! I sadly took down my decorations Saturday and Sunday, now my house looks like we recently moved in. It is so pretty for the holidays and then NOTHING... I told the hubby I was going to go fishing in my moms garage for decorations. His response was "How long should I worry about you before I come looking?" Yes, her garage is that bad, but because she no longer gets around like she used to there are tons of decorations sitting sadly in her garage untouched for years that are ADORABLE & CUTE! So next weekend I will be on a mission. For now the house looks clean and empty and luckly the bins of decorations are up in our ATTIC (thanks to a couple special people laying the boards down during Thanksgiving) out of the garage and my crafting space.

Ok, so on to better things! What have I been doing. Well I have lots to show you so I will start with a couple things so that I can share for longer. Laci started ballet and tap this past week and I gave my hand at making her an outfit. So it is really the first piece of clothing I have made from scratch (I know it should be easy) and it turned out OK. I would alter the pattern next time, raise the neckline (it is too low cut), and lower the hip lines as they are too high. Otherwise the arms turned out great, I have some work to do at making them look good, but I will get there!As for the tutu... um..... a little puffy! What do you think?

So, I broke down and bought her an outfit. She is pretty stinkin cute!

So even though Laci's birthday party isn't until March 27th... I like to plan in advance! Let's just say this will be posted on craft fail because for my first attempt it was horrid! But I am going to keep trying as these are tooooo cute not to have. Oh, the theme is going to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I will slowly share all the things I am doing for this as I am extreemly excited about it already! So with out further ado, here is what I was trying to do...

Here is what I did...

Lets just say I was so mad about how it turned out I didn't even get to the fun part with the sprinkles.... I am thinking about sansing the caramel and just doing chocolate (do you know how expensive caramel is? Dude it is just sugar?!?!?!). So I am going to change to almond bark to do them and see if they work better. The ears kept sliding and it just wasn't working out very well. We ended up calling them ear muffs... My mother in law had a better first attempt, but I didn't get the ok to reveal hers, plus lets just say, there is a lot of work to go for perfection and perfection is key. We have however, decided to do the small apples, and use big marshmallows with just a tiny bit cut off instead of 1/2. My favorite attempt was this one, but it still looks awful!

Anyways, for now that is going to be my challenge... make cute ones in the next two months. I have the time and determination! Have a great week!



  1. I used to manage a candy store, so I have plenty of experience in the caramel apple arena. A few things:

    The waxier the apple the harder it is going to be to get the caramel to not slide off. You might be able to find unwaxed apples at some place like whole foods? Too bad it isn't fall, you could just pick them off the tree. If you can't find unwaxed apples you are going to have buy that veggie wash stuff that removes wax/pesticides/etc and wash them first.

    You said shortening. I guess the recipe is telling you to melt shortening in the chocolate? People used to come in the store thinking you had to add butter to melting chocolate but this is TOTALLY unnecessary. The chocolate will melt fine on it's own, don't add anything to it!

    I kind of think you are going to have to use toothpicks to get the ears to stay in place. Perhaps you can use a full toothpick, leave it sticking out the top of the marshmallow, dip it in chocolate and after the chocolate cools remove the toothpick? Just a thought...

  2. Sarah, those are some great ideas! I will keep everyone posted as to my attempts and fails! Great idea about the veggie wash to help with the stuff sticking on there! Thanks! Julie

  3. you should check out bakerella - her cake pops are too cute & might be an easier option..


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