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Dr. Seuss Party Full Recap - Laci's 4th Birthday

The cake totally deserves it's own post... really it does I promise!

I know everyone has been patiently waiting for me to start telling you about the party. I was so busy leading up to the party that I didn't really get the chance to post much and it was kind of disappointing that I wasn't able to tell you more before. However, I guess that means I can fill you with surprises and tell you all about it now. It is going to take me a LOT of posts to get through this, because I want to do the party justice and take one thing at a time and not rush through it just to get it over with.

So with out further ado... the cake came from Say it with Sugar in Downtown Wylie, TX. They are uh-mazing at what they do. Jake wanted a 4 tier cake because Laci turned 4. So a 4 tier cake is what we got, not that anyone else really enjoyed the symbolism. :o)

Bottom to Top of Cake/Filling Flavors:
Bottom Tier (red) - Vanilla with Vanilla Cream Filling
Second Tier (blue) - Chocolate with Oreo Cream Filling
Third Tier (yellow) - Carrot Cake
Smallest Tier (green) and The Hat - Banana Cake with Banana Cream Filling

Is your mouth watering yet just hearing the flavors? I wish I could share it with you more than in pictures because it was just awesome. My favorites were the Vanilla with the Vanilla Cream and the Carrot Cake. Just wonderful. They were all excellent, but those two have already made me gain 3.5 pounds. I have to say that I am not leaving that cake in the fridge to spoil either, the weight will just keep packing on till it's gone, then me and the gym will be best buddies.

Ok, so we kind of let them have free reign with the cake and just said have at it. OMG it was just stunning. Everyone at the party agreed that it was one of the most awesome cakes they had ever seen. Are you ready for the pictures yet?

Here is the awesome cake I have been talking about...

Need a size reference? Here is my 4 year old sitting next to it...

Here are some close ups...




It was pretty cool because Jake was smart enough to tell me to get to-go boxes so that our guests could take some with them... Because we sure didn't need to eat all the left overs! So what do you think? Pretty awesome right?

Next I I will talk about what the guests saw as they pulled/walked up to the house as well as the wall decorations inside from right to including the mantle. Then save the rest for another day.

***Remember... most of these decorations we made, the only ones we didn't make were the ones with the Cat in the Hat because you could buy 5 foot tall Cat in the Hat boards. To learn how we made them look at this post from last year's party decorations. If you have ANY questions, let me know. Thanks!***

If you parked on the side street and walked towards the party this is what you would see coming down the fence (you would also have seen the bounce house, but it wasn’t inflated when I took the picture)…

Then when you walked around to the front of our house they saw this…

Here is a close up of the porch…

What they saw when walking up to the door…


Inside the house from right to left we have…

Cat’s Closet (Jake’s Study):

First wall with a cute saying:

Windows to the left of said wall:
Now this was adorable because at the bottom we had the boy and girl peaking out of the window like in the book (we later on decided we should have done their faces too, but it was too little too late):


Right above them in the middle of the window we had the fish:

Then his saying above him:

Then on the other side of the ½ wall we had the boy and girl again with the Dr. Seuss Clock and a saying that said Happy Birthday Laci (you can also see the pillow we talked about yesterday):

Then the TV (During the party we had some of The Cat in the Hat shows playing):

Mantle/Fireplace Decorations – To make the wreath we started with a plain wooden wreath and wrapped around the feather boas, then stuck The Cat in the Hat in the middle. Then I made the banner that went across the bottom and just had books and decorations on the mantle:

That was the first part of the decorations... here is the second part of them...

Here is to the left of the mantle (you can see a sneak peek of the bounce house):

Going towards the back door:


Door leading to the back yard… ahem, I mean Seuss Park:

I am skipping the kitchen because I can’t do kitchen decorations without giving up the food ideas.

Left side of the kitchen:



Going up the stairs:
Wall to the left of the stairs:

Wall leading to Pop’s Potty… I didn’t get a good picture of the door and the decorations have already been put up… :o( I did get a decent one that I can try and edit that I will share later:

Inside Pop’s Potty:

Wall of the Bathroom:

Shelves in the bathroom:


Mirror in the bathroom:

Cute little night light that spins:

Wall to the left of the bathroom little hallway & cute little gift bags:



So that takes care of most of the inside decorations aside from the 1/2 wall which I will share on a different day. Again there is a lot of stuff in there, so if you have questions or want to know where I got something let me know.

Rounding out the decorations here is food and kitchen decorations...
One of the things I am always the most proud of is my ability to make food more fun than just food…. I mean some labeling, cute signs, shapes and fun names just make it go from something plain to spectacular…

I did realize that the pictures in general this year were not as good, but I think part of that has to do with that three of us were taking pictures and we don’t know what each other got, you know. It’s ok though we still got some pretty rockin’ pictures!

Here is a picture of the kitchen in general:

The food consisted of:
Horton’s Hotdogs
Thing 1 & Thing 2 Punch
Sneetches Stars (Rice Krispie Treats)
Pop’s Pretzels
Sam’s Green Egg Oreos
Sam’s Green Eggs and Ham
Sally’s Sweets (MnM’s)
Fish’s Goldfish
Fox’s French Onion Dip
Daisy Head Mayzie’s Donuts
Max’s Mix (Trail Mix)
Grinch’s Popcorn (Green Drizzled Popcorn)
The CAKE… Already shown in the first post about the party

Here are some close up shots of the food:








What do you think of the food? Sorry that some of the pictures are dark. I haven’t had a chance to edit them and brighten them up a little bit. Let me know if you have any questions or want to see some of them closer up or want a how to on how they were made…

Last is the backyard decorations and some of the activities that we had...

I would like to start by talking about the BEAUTIFUL day that we got for the party and the backyard decorations and activities.

So... Welcome to Seuss Park

Here you can see the patio that came with the house (the covered part) and the door in the right side of the picture where you entered Seuss Park:

We didn't get a good shot of our table and chair set up, but there was quite a bit of seating outside...

The Bounce House with the Panel I made:

The Fence Decorations:

The Face Painters were awesome!!! Of course my little stinker wouldn't get her face painted, I had to bribe her to get anything... she got a glitter tattoo that is still on after over a week. I swear she has had a bath since then! :o)



Everyone had a wonderful time outside and inside. We were so pleased with how the weather turned out. It rained around us, but not on us until an hour and a half after the party was over... I got SO lucky!

Well, what do you think about the party? Pretty awesome if I don't say so myself. Each kid got to take home a goodie bag that had a book and some other seussy stuff in there (bookmark, fun candy, etc.). The party was wonderful and more than I ever could have hoped for it to turn out.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hopefully getting ideas and leaving some stinkin cute comments!



  1. WOW!! This party is amazing! Love all the graphic details on the walls!

  2. I love it! Question: How did you make the panel for the bounce house

  3. Kianna... send me your email address and I can send you pictures of when I make the one for this weekend. Last year the guy let me borrow a pannel to trace, this year I have to do it differently, which is what most people would have to do anyways. But think velcro, white tarp, and either use vinyl (what I am using this year) or permanent markers to decorate it. So send me your email and I will get back with you after the party this weekend.

  4. Hi this is amazing. where did you get or how did you make the large graphics/printables?


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