Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reorganizing My Craft Room (Need Advise)

As you may have noticed I have been lacking on the creative side of things lately. This could be due to me being a little down and out with some things going on at work, but part of me thinks I need a change in the creative area as well.

I like to be organized, but I just don't have the storage right now for being organized. I like order and currently I have a form of chaos. Semi-organized chaos anyways. My friend just got a set up from IKEA similar to this for her office in the dark brown, but I am thinking I want a white desk so that I can have hot pink and black accents all over the place. You can choose many different cubby sizes, but I really like this type set up so that everything can have a place and a label.

What do you think?


Let me know if you have something similar or a different suggestion.



  1. I love it! If I had the space I'd totally buy something like that too! I love IKEA they have awesome stuff to be organized...and I really like the idea of putting hot pink and black accents, go for it! it's gonna look great (I just pictured it in my head hehe)

  2. I love this idea! You can use it for storage or to display things that you have made. My craft room has a counter top like space along two walls, which I should've designed differently. I LOVE how the organizer that you have chosen has an island. That is where my room is lacking, I can't put shelves on the walls like this piece that you have shown (and I don't like decor on my workspace because then I don't have a lot of workspace for working). My mom has three shelves along a wall with a long table acting as an island (basically the same as what you have chosen). Two shelves on one side and one shelf on another; those tall black shelves that you can get a Walmart or Target and the table is like 6 foot, we are able to use it at Christmas time too! Since it can be moved. It works so well. I really like the "island" table workspace. And of course, I LOVE LOVE the pink, black and white, cause that is what mine is!! Hope you are able to find the furniture arrangement that works best for you. Be sure to post it!! :)

  3. I have the exact IKEA Expedit workstation it is great however i use mine as an office and have set up my laptop and printer.

    I use another L shape worktable for my machine as i find i need more space when i sew :)

    Looking forward to ur improved and organised craft room


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