Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Help Needed - Wedding Book/Pen Set

Ok, so I love my soon to be SIL, and because I do I offered to make her a unity candle like the one shown below. It runs in my family to make these unity candles as wedding gifts. It is a wonderful keepsake with the invitation wording on it and is now a third generation tradition. For starters, there isn't one that you can buy at a store that holds a flame to these, plus, finding one that is personalized is usually cheesy and not really a cute keepsake.

Candle 2

I asked my soon to be SIL if she wanted one and she politly declined saying that they weren't going to do a unity candle, but now has asked me to do this...

"In my effort to find a guest book/pen set thing for the wedding, I've come up short, so I was wondering if you knew anything about making one! I know you like doing neat crafts and things (plus you're good at them!!) so if you're at all interested in something like this, let me know! :D"

I have done a couple searches on the web and turned up nothing as far as a great guest book/pen set to make. So seriously if you have done any, seen any, have an idea, or know where I can find some ideas... HELP! I am begging you as I am at a loss for what to do.



  1. oh wow! I just attended a wedding on Saturday at my church (well, is not MY church, but you know what I mean), and not just attended but also I was in charge of the decorations, the budget was a little low so I decided to make the pen and book. I made the pen with a regular pen, a feather I bought at Hobby Lobby and burgundy ribbon (burgundy and ivory were the colors for the wedding) it was really easy to make and it turned out just fine. For the little book I bought a notebook they have at Hobby Lobby that has white pages (I didn't want to get just a composition book), scrapbook paper for weddings and contrasting for the names. They were very very happy and it turned out really cute! Hope I helped!!! Let me know how it goes ....


  2. oh! I forgot to mention that everything was on sale (50% off!!! wooot wooot) so I spent $10 for everything, when just the pen costs $20-50.... =)


  3. This is a bit different, but we did it for our wedding and it is one of my favorite keepsakes. Instead of a traditional pen/book, we did a signature platter. I cannot remember who we ordered it from, but it is similar to the ones you see on this site http://www.idoengravables.com/

  4. At the last weddings/receptions I've been to, they had a scrapbook style book. Each page had 1-2 pictures of the couple and enough room around them that the guests could sign their names on the pages. I've also seen people use the mat around a large picture as the 'guest book'. I thought both ideas were fantastic and wish that those ideas were around when I got married!!


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