Monday, February 15, 2010

More Party Decorations - Mickey Party Planning Take 7

There are so many things to get done before Laci's party! Only 40 days until the party!

Here is the list of characters that are going to be done for the wall decorations. The ones with lines through are completed! Yippie! Only 5 more smaller ones and then the 1 big one (the car)... this will take forever!!!! But that one we will do last!

1. Donald Duck
2. Daisy Duck
3. Mickey Mouse
4. Minnie Mouse
5. Clubhouse
6. Claribelle
7. Pete
8. Goofy
9. Pluto
10: Door to the Clubhouse
11. Mickey and Friends in the Car
12. Toodles
13. Mickey Park

Here are the recent ones that we did last week.... oh, and what do you think about my fancy pictures scrolling? Nifty huh!

Above are Minnie, the Clubhouse, and The Clubhouse Door (for our front door).

Minnie took so long because of all the polka dots, but she turned out super cute!

Have a great week!


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