Friday, February 5, 2010

An Angel was Watching Over Me

Yesterday morning while on my way to work I spun out due to the car in front of me slamming on their brakes. I crossed 3 lanes of traffic and my car ended up resting with out a scratch on it on the shoulder with the two left tires on the concrete and the two right tires on the grass going down into the ditch. My car wouldn't start because it was in shock and frankly so was I. The hubby took a personal day and came out to me. After my car was jumped we went out to Jake's uncles shop and had my car looked at. It is a miricle, but it was fine just got a small alignment adjustment. When people say miricles don't happen.... I disagree! That black truck coming at me that managed to swerve out of the way and not hit me was a miricle, not hitting the concrete barrier (below in yellow) was a miricle... that would have pinged me back into traffic. I don't know what to say except for, as bad as the last 24 hours were, it is a miricle that not only am I ok, but my car is ok, and that I am here. Below is the shot of the highway. I was about where the red car was or a little before that and my car ended up resting where the light blue one is on the shoulder.

Let me just hope this doesn't happen ever again. It was a terrifying experience I wish not to relive. Have a safe and happy weekend!


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