Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mickey Mouse Valentines

So I tried to take a lead from Misty over at Creative Itch, but it didn't go so hot... so I modified... Hers was just so cute with the scallops, but I didn't have anything to make that, so I improvised.

Here is her Valentine...

Here is my Valentine (front)...

I gave up on trying to make a cute card to put it on and got (1) box of 32 mickey valentines for $2. I used the clear gift wrap tape to adhere the pixie stix to the card and used clear tape to adhere the candy to the Mickey Mouse head. Those were fun to do with my new Cricut cartridge and then using a circle punch to cut out the center. I printed off a sheet of the circles with the Mickey and Minnie Design and then used the circle punch to cut them out.

Here is the back...

I didn't like how the back said to and from on it. I mean the kids are 2, can't read anyways and they will be demolished in less than 2 minutes. Taking that into account I really didn't want to spend more time on them, so instead of filling out the back or leaving it blank, I am putting these on the back.

In comparison, hers totally outshine mine, but it's ok. I gave it a shot, and at least they are themed to prelude for the party. I will be making some for the party, I am just not going to have anything on the bottom of the stick, just the Mickey head with a circle in the middle that will have all different sayings and logos.


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