Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mickey Party Planning - Take 5

Like Mickey Party Planning - Take 4, I just have to have a cute little banner hanging from the fireplace. I got my inspiration from Inspiring Creations from her XOXO rag garland. So after I finished my Mickey wreath I started by painting my letters. I got these letters which came (2) to a package for like 99 cents. It wasn't to terribly bad for price. Then I bought red white and black paint. Guess what I did next? Yup, painted them super cute!

What do you think of how they turned out? The LACI is going to go in the middle of the wreath, and if I decide not to be lazy and go buy one more I (the cursing that came out when I realized I was one letter short lasted for at least a couple minutes) then I will do HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACI on the banner too. For now here are the letters. They turned out pretty stinkin cute!

Have a great day!



  1. Are those chipboard letters? I am doing Minnie Mouse (again) because my almost 2 year old is in LOVE with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I LOVE your decorations. I am trying to get all this stuff together and wanted to know where you got the letters and the wire frames for the large Mickey Mouse head.

  2. No these were thin wooden letters that came in packages of two. I think I got them at Hobby Lobby. Same for the wire circle frames, they were in the floral department and the letters were in the wood dept. hope this helps. Sorry for the delay in answering... On vacation :)


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