Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Goofy Wall Decoration - Mickey Party Planning - Take 10

Last night I went to my mom's school and we did another wall decoration. Not only do I love the finished product, I just really enjoy working with my mom to do these. So, one more down and about 5-6 to go... we may decide to sans Pete, since he is just kind of an odd looking character that never looks happy... but we definatly want to do two Mickey Mouse Characters... so I don't know. Last night we did Goofy and he turned out just absolutly adorable.

What do you think of Goofy?


Here is my to do list for the characters:

1. Donald Duck
2. Daisy Duck
3. Mickey Mouse
4. Minnie Mouse
5. Clubhouse
6. Claribelle
7. Pete
8. Goofy
9. Pluto
10: Door to the Clubhouse
11. Mickey and Friends in the Car
12. Toodles
13. Mickey Park

It is looking good! Have a great day!


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