Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Invitation Envelope - Mickey Party Planning - Take 9

I am a firm believer that packaging is everything. I mean, no offense to anyone who just hands out white envelopes with names written on them, or postcards with the preprinted info from a party place and handwriting in the details for the party (ie. time, date, name, etc.). I just was not raised to do this and want people to be excited about what they are opening!

Below is a picture of this years invitation envelope (this is a sample - hence Laci's name in the middle and our address missing from the upper left). As you can see I did the Mickey park bubble picture in the bottom left and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse logo on the bottom right. These were printed on a laserjet printer and are cute, pretty, and perfect for the theme. Inside is the picture of the birthday girl, a page with directions to our house (made this two years ago in Microsoft Publisher and just print them out every year), and the invitation. They were sticker closure envelopes so all I had to do was rip off the backing of the sticker and press it down to close.

Invite Envelope

What do you think of the envelope? Perfect right!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


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  1. Yes...the envelope is really perfect!! I'm amazed at all the fun details of this birthday party!


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