Monday, February 22, 2010

Invitation Picture - Mickey Party Planning - Take 8

Ok, so with 33 days left until Laci's party I am a stone throw away from handing out the adorable invites, and still have lots to do! This weekend I feel like I got so much shopping and other things done for the party, but then when I got home with all the bags was like... ok, what did I do all day (I do mean ALL day!).

I do realize that when I payed for the balloons that I didn't get to take them home with me, so that was kind of a bummer. However, in the past we have always gotten those little tanks and (1) they don't do many balloons, (2) you have to do them, and (3) they fell so fast! So I payed to get 4 dozen balloons and 3 of each mylar Mickey/Minnie heads. I know I am spending more on this than last year, but they will be a LOT nicer and stay up much longer! Plus, I can send one home with each kid!

One thing that I did get done was get the picture of Laci in her BD outfit done to send with her invitations. Her eyes were a little squinted, but for the most part it was an adorable picture! She was a trooper even though she had no sleves and it was a little chilly outside. I went and got 65 of these printed off and (1) 20x24 poster to hang on the wall. The lady at the counter was like 65 of the same picture? Yes! I am crazy! Now we want to go back and do last years as a poster, that is how well it turned out! Then we can have one for each year in the family room upstairs.

I was talking to a parent at the birthday party yesterday about knowing which kids party you are going to (I really wasn't sure that this particular Chase, was the Chase I was thinking of <-- it was, but still I wasn't sure until we got there)... I mentioned that I put a picture with the invite so that you know exactly which kid is having the party. They just thought that was such a good idea. I mean a lot of people probably think I am nuts at first, but then once they give it a thought are like... well that's a really good idea. Anyways, here is the picture we took. I think she is the cutest little button in the world (I am only slightly partial... ok a LOT partial)! But she is pretty adorable!

What do you think about sending a picture with the invite? Crazy or Not Crazy? Also what do you think about the picture I am sending with the invite?


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  1. I include the photo on the invite. It's all in one. Very cute photo. TFS


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