Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Workstation Wednesday's

That title might need a little tweaking, but it's a start. Every Wednesday I would like to post a picture of what is on my workstation. Now I say workstation because desk, scrapbook table, dining room table. Really these are all workstations and it is really going to depend where I have taken the space to feed the crafty bug I seem to constatntly have.

With that said below is a picture of my dining room where you will see that my stuff is semi clean (ok not at all, but where is my sewing machine?, it is in the Viking bag on the ground - I had my last quilt class last night) followed by a close up of the table. Then below that you will see a picture of the quilt I am almost done with followed by a close up of the binding that I am working on hand sewing on the back. Looks fantastic and I am excited! I never thought I would like doing the binding but maybe it is because it is like the finish line of a 6 week run... I HATED the quilting part though. From now on I will be sending the top off to be long armed to the back. But that was the only part I truly disliked. Then below that is a picture of my craft/sewing room that looks so messy and sad. You will be used soon I promise, maybe, ok it will be a while, but who really likes to be away from their family when they sew?

Now that you know that my house is a disaster area right now lets throw in the psychadellic frog my mom brought home from her school to give my daughter. Who in their right mind would actually pay for such a thing? Maybe it was one of those carnival kind of games and was won. Anywho, this is the new addition to my house. It will be going upstairs in the playroom. Laci has already named him Ribbet - she is so cute!

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