Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekends that go on FOREVER!

This weekend went way too fast! I feel like all I did was sew, although I know that that isn’t true. We also lost the dog one of our dogs, and found her.

So Friday night we did the usual… gymnastics, Laci is so cute in that little outfit with her hair in a pony tail and jumping around. After that we went and picked up Grammy from her school (who by the way gets her cast off today – yeah!!! Go mom, she is so excited to get a pedicure today) and then went to Applebee’s for dinner. After that we went straight home and went to bed.

Saturday morning I was so good! I got up at 7:30, cut stuff out for an hour (for sewing), then got Laci’s breakfast ready, the stroller set, got Laci up and went for an hour walk. Yup, an hour walk! Jake finally texted me at 9:30 when I was minute from being back asking where I was, guess he missed the note I left. After that we relaxed for a bit, took showers, then had a snack and Laci went down for a nap. During her nap I pulled out the sewing machine and got to work. I was so busy those two hours flew by. Once we got her up I kept sewing for a bit and then we got ready to go to the soccer game.

On the way we had to stop and Hancock Fabrics, I had run out of red thread, needed a darker blue embroidery thread (hoping that would solve a problem), and some other cuts of batting etc. I was in line in less than 5 minutes, but the checkout line took almost 10. I was so mad, and right when I was checking out they opened another line. UGH! Anyways, we ran to Sam’s, dropped Laci off at my mom’s and went to the game.

The game was terrible, they weren’t playing as a team, it makes me want to be back out there more than ever, but I am slowly coming to the realization that I don’t know if I will ever play again. :o( Anyways, after the game almost everyone bolted, but we went out to dinner with Jennifer & Tim (my sister and her husband), and Mike & Heather (some of our close friends who NEED TO HAVE KIDS). We went out to Jakes (the restaurant/bar), we like the food and you don’t have to yell to talk. At the time I was semi bummed that we didn’t go to karaoke, but later I decided it was fine.

Sunday morning I got up and started sewing, Jake got up not long after and went to let the dogs in just to find that Kaylee was gone. She dug out from under the fence. It was still so early that we weren’t able to knock on doors yet. We walked down the street and asked anyone that had their garages open if they had seen her and nada. We decided to put up signs and at about 12:20 we got a call about her. Literally the lady next door Angela had her. They treated her like royalty. She got two baths and trimmed up a bit. She looked really good actually. She said not long after we left her boyfriend came over and said that he saw a little dog running around. They thought she was sick because of her collapsing trachea (it makes her wheeze when she gets excited). It was really sweet though, they renamed her Juliet and the kids wanted to re-name their boy dog Bailey to Romeo. They said that the kids really like Taylor Swift. Anyways, I don’t think Jake was happier the entire weekend. He was so relieve that we had her back.

After that I sewed until 2:30 and we went to go get Laci. We stayed at moms for a bit but then we needed to go so that we could go grocery shopping. We finally got home right before 5. The rest of the day we relaxed, I didn’t sew at all the rest of the day, but it’s alright, just means I have more to do tonight and the rest of this week. Anyways, I am about ready to start working, but below are some pictures of the stuff I was working on this weekend. I am in LOVE with the Gavin set, it is turning out so cute!

One of Ethan's Burp Cloths & you can seeon the left the front pocket that will go on the bag.
This is the front of the bag for Gavin and the burp cloths for him. These burp cloths are my favorite and are "sew stinkin cute!!!"

Changing Pad front where you can see the plastic on top for easy cleaning.
Changing pad with the bottom flipped up. Those fabrics are so yummy!
My favorite piece of all. I love applique. It is by far one of my favorite things to do, and it is super cute. They will flip when they see how cute these turned out!

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