Friday, August 14, 2009

A New Beginning

With each ending comes a new beginning. Last week I offically took down my old blog. Why? Because it just wasn't what I wanted, it wasn't personal enough, it wasn't ME! This time around I want to be a Fun Fearless Female that tells my story and shares with everyone. I want my craft ventures and fails to be posted, I want a blog that I can proudly call my own and link back to for other people to see what I can do and to share.

With that said, a couple weeks ago I also found a blog that I was thrilled about. It had linked from one site to another on how to make something. I was so excited that I had found another site that showcased someone that was crafty and you could tell loved what she did. I hit the refresh button to find out that days after making that post that she passed away leaving a beautiful family. She had three children (the newest only 14 days old) and a husband. My heart goes out to them as I couldn't imagine the greif that this family must be going through. She had hundreds of comments, all of them saying that her blog was a true legacy for her kids showing just how much she loved them. Not that anything is going to happen to me, but I want something like that that will show my beautiful little one just how much I care about her and how much she is loved.

With that said I can't wait to make this dress for her. I think she will be "Sew Stinkin Cute"! What do you think?

And just to show you my beautiful little one, below is a picture of Laci and I at Jake's cousin Rachel's wedding a couple weeks ago, ok and another one of her at the Ft. Worth Water Gardens (she is so photogenic!).

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