Friday, August 21, 2009

Short and Sweet

Ok, so it is Friday (technically Saturday) past midnight and I am so exausted. The dog kept me up all night last night and then today after I got rid of the huge headache I crafted.... alot! It felt great! I made a ton of stuff for the craft swap today and then worked on lots of stuff for the the baby bags. You will see the envelope looking things in the back of the picture. These are the diaper/wipe holders. They hold a small wipe case and at least 4 diapers. They are awesome and one of my favorite functional items I make. Anywho, I am almost done with everything! Yippie! I only have a little bit to go on the bags and one changing pad. Should be done by Sunday night. I am doing quite a bit of stuff tomorrow with Mom, but I can't wait to go to JoAnn's tomorrow morning! I am getting some stuff for the swap... Ok, well with out further ado the pictures of stuff that I did today for the baby bag sets, and I am totally ready to be done with these sets for a while. I have one more set that I am contracted to do, but some of the stuff is already started, so it isn't too bad.

Maybe tomorrow I will upload some pictures of my mom's class room that is sensory overload. Tomorrow night I am going to Jake's soccer game and then out to Karokee. Hopefully the DJ has the new song I really like and want to try out by Kristinia DeBarge. Not really proper since I am married, but darn it I love the song Goodbye. It is so catchy. You can go here to watch it.

Thats all I have for tonight, until tomorrow, have a good one!

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