Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 - Exhausted - Stick a Fork in Me I am DONE

Ok, so yippie... I am now at 10 posts, I love using Flickr to upload my pictures to, so much easier and better than uploading them to a blog site. I love using blogger/blogspot to do my blog, it is so much better than what I was using before!

On to why I am so exhausted and am cooked. I finished the second baby bag set last night and am delivering it today. I forgot to put my label in it, but if she really wants it I can stop by and add it in less than 10 minutes and that is with hand sewing it in and waiting for my iron to heat up and cool down. I have so much to do today, so this post will have mucho pics (there are more on flickr)... to see the others or to see them larger you can go here to my flickr account... well this is it for text... TTFN!

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