Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

- I am starting to get excited about my swap, I have to admit I was terrified yesterday morning when I re-read the info about my swap partner and read the words "don't like too cutesy" AGH>>>>> I really feel like my life is one ball of cuteness! But it's ok, I am changing what I am doing, a lot more handmade stuff I think will be in the works. I have post-its and lists of things I can do a mile long it feels like. I am solid sold on at least 5 items to make handmade/altered, now I just have to get started. The other 8 are still up in the air, but I did buy a couple things already and I am not sure if I am going to use those or re-puropse them. Anyways, enough on that but now that the fear has been lifted and I found the COOLEST idea for something to make this morning I will be making a lunch trip to Michaels and can't wait to try that out. Plus it will make for great presents for Christmas and birthdays and I hope it is as fun to make as it looks. Although it will take some patience. Not one of my virtues, but it is a work in progress.

- I worked for 5 hours sewing last night. I have both of the bags ready to piece together. I am feeling a little peeved at the moment because I accidentally gave some extra love to one of the nylon straps with the iron. Needless to say that is WAY too many stitches to pull out, and honestly no one will notice but me (what is the saying - something like - only the maker notices the imperfections), but I have to decide before I put the pieces together if I am going to re-do the whole pannel (it is the back), or if I am going to just piece it together and say the hell with it I am not getting paid enough to buy more strapping and fabric. I am leaning on the no one will notice. It is the back and really the front with the embroidery is what people are going to notice. With that said here are some pictures of the work I did last night. I am releaved to be at this stage and may take the night off from sewing to play with swap crafts.

- Lastly, I am THRILLED that my embroidery unit bag finally came in. For those of you that know me I ordered this bag that was supposed to go with my unit and it was TERRIBLE. The bag zipped VERY oddly, the foam insert was just that foam not hard plastic, and I was VERY upset with the amount of money I paid for something that was akward and very unusable. So what did I do? What I always do when I am upset and am good at, complain! I e-mailed corporate that the bag was awful and asked why I wasn't able to purchase the Designer Diamond Unit bag because it was AWESOME! The bag zipped all the way, it velcros in the embroidery unit arm, and was so nice. Well they wrote back a snotty kind of e-mail, but asked why I didn't just purchase the bag I wanted... well I WAS told I couldn't because I didn't have a DD DUH!!!! But anyways, my local dealer (wow that sounds bad), called and got the order number and I got the bag on Tuesday, finally last night I put my unit in. I didn't do it right away on Tuesday, because I had to put on the embroidery unit onto the machine so that I could put it in "park" for storage. Pictures are below and I am so PSYCHED that I have a safe place for it now!

Anyways, those are my thoughts for this Thursday, not sure if it will be a regular feature, but it worked for todays post as it was kind of random!

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