Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Week

It has been a crazy week and today is only Tuesday. Sunday I was feeling a little crummy from the late night on Saturday, just had that blah feeling all day. Totally my fault though, I really should have had something substantial to eat before the evening began. I didn’t my bad! Hopefully I will remember for next time. Anywho, we still managed to go quite a few places, Half Price Books (managed to leave with nothing… this never happens), Best Buy (same thing, didn’t even have the urge to buy anything), went to Walgreens where we got some photo’s printed and picked up some drinks, went over to my moms, went to El Fenix for lunch, went to Fry’s, that day was never ending! During Laci’s nap we pinned some stuff together for the baby bags.

When I got home on that night I was able to finish everything but one piece for one of the bags (done Monday night), and on the other bag I will be finishing it tonight so that I can deliver it tomorrow. Pictures of the completed set are below. Bad picture because I didn't have my camera, but it really did turn out pretty cute all in all.

Yesterday at work was nuts, I was slammed all day. I had the intentions of making a post, but it was time to go before I knew it. Not that it was a bad thing, but the day flew. On the way home I managed to get my tank down to 1 mile before empty (maybe I was pushing the limit just a little too far). Either way, I made it to the gas station with out pushing the car, so victory point goes to me. Grabed Laci, went home, got stuff together, went to mom’s, then to Jake’s soccer game. They lost, but it was ok it was his first day back, plus there are a couple guys on the field from the older Weekender’s teams that well, how do I put this nicely, um… could use some practice?! They played a great game though. One of the guys got a red card because he may have said some choice words to the ref… oops! Anyways, delivered the above set of baby bag stuff and went home and got in bed.

Before falling asleep I was looking at a quilting magazine and saw an add for Accu Quilt. Anyone have one, or looked into this? It looks pretty nifty! I would like to know more if you already have one, and if it is worth it.

TTFN - Julie

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