Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beef Bouquet Valentine almost FAIL....

One of my lovely It's Stinkin Cute Craft Thursday linkers Tara from Mom's of All Trades posted this awesome Beef Bouquet idea to give to the hubby for Valentine's Day...

I instantly knew that I was going to have to do this for the hubby since he had already slipped that something was coming to my work... scratch that... because I wanted to be the sweet and thoughtful wife I am. :o)

So I went to the store, got what I needed, came home and first made a card to go with it.



Then I got to putting together my Beef Bouquet for my Mr. Wonderful...

When I was done, it looked like this (pardon the red hue, it is from the kitchen lights that are in):

The next morning it looked like this:
BB Fail

Luckily I checked on it before I left that morning. I had used regular tape (I know that is not what you see in the picture... it was a semi re-enactment because I was frantic to get it put back together because I heard that he was awake) and that obviously didn't hold the weight. So then I was like you know what... electrical tape is much stronger it should do the trick... SO I got REALLY busy quickly putting it back together.

He woke up, I told him well, since I was still there, go look in your office. He found and read his card. Then he followed the attached instructions to go to my craft room and get his bouquet. He would not allow me to take a picture of his surprised face, and Laci wasn't in the picture taking mood, so no pictures of my family. But, at first he was like... what is that? Then after he realized what it was he loved it. I took it downstairs and put it on the counter... said my goodbyes and quickly left since I was now 45 minutes late.

When I got home... even the electrical tape had failed to hold and looked the same way the regular tape did that morning. Hence the photo from above.

So my question to Tara... Girlfriend, did you use duck tape? Oh, well he loved it and it was a really fun thing to do, thank you for the AWESOME IDEA!

Have a great day!



  1. That is such a cute idea! My husband doesn't like beef jerky, so maybe I could figure out something else. Glad he was surprised!

  2. Thanks for sharing the beef bouquet. I was laughing as I read your post cause that’s the same reaction I got from my husband. The first time I just wrapped them in cellophane and this time I pushed them down in the vase. Tape is not my friend. I’m glad you liked it but even more so that your husband did. Our husbands and kids are what this blogging is all about right?
    Thanks again for sharing!


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