Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Highs and Lows #6

You know it is kind of funny. See, I have a horrible memory. I mean REALLY bad. So I try and make lists and write stuff down as much as possible. Unfortunately, I some how can’t seem to remember stuff that happened just last week. I know… REALLY?!?! You must be asking how bad my memory is if I can’t remember that. Well… let me at least re-cap the things that I can remember. I am actually starting to make a list for next week so that I don't forget some of the highs and lows... I mean maybe I should just forget so that they all even out and I just forget, but I really like this highs and lows reminder every week. Makes me thankful for what I have.

1) I got to work on the baby basket for Miss Madyx quite a bit last week (if you follow me on Facebook, you have already seen the finished result).
2) My husband was amazing and one day cleaned our entire bedroom.
3) The next day my amazing wonderful awesome hubby surprised me and cleaned the bathroom too… I know he is pretty stinkin’ cool… that’s why he is mine.
4) I got a new printer at work… it is huge… I mean really big!
5) Found out I am getting a new monitor at work in the next couple weeks. It will be a 24” monitor… holy big batman!
6) Went to the zoo with my mom’s school on Friday and the whole family ended up going. I can’t wait to put some of the awesome pictures up.
7) This year I made sure that I looked like a rock star… ok semi rock star at the zoo so that I wasn’t ashamed of the pictures with me in them… I looked awesome.
8) Didn’t get pooped on when the bird was on my shoulder… that is a better high than I could have requested!
9) Saw the awesome new bird show at the Dallas Zoo… it was uh-mazing!
10) Going to start playing on a co-ed soccer team on Fridays. I am terrified and excited all at the same time. I want to wear my knee brace but don’t know if I should, kind of conflicted on that one. I am going to because I want to be safe, but wondering since it has been a couple years if I should let the brace stay in the closet and collect dust and me brave it out. For those of you who don’t know I tore, no shredded my ACL and tore my MCL playing soccer in January of 2009. A guy fell on top of me because he was being a jerk when he was playing and then walked off the field before I could even get his number to deck him later… regret ever since… He cost me so much money and pain he deserves a good black eye right? After 2.5 years you would think I could let it go a little bit. But whatever…. It’s just too little too late on that one…
11) Finally gave Pinterist a try… can we all say this is totally AWESOME!!!

Randoms - Not really sure where to classify it…
1) Had to remove because I don't want people getting mad at me...

1) Laci was bit by fire ants… she is allergic to ants and in her 4 years she was bit by some regular ants last year and then 3 fire ants this year. So I think that is pretty good for a kid. However, she is very allergic. Her poor leg got one bite and her hand got two others. Her leg was the worst though with a HUGE welt on it that was so hot to the touch. The doctor gave her (4) medications… YIKES! They were zyrtec, singular, prednisolone, and cephalexin… I am glad to say that she is all better now though. I hope she isn’t bit again, for at least another year.
2) Had to remove because I don't want people getting mad at me...
3) Laci has started to not want to go to bed… I am putting a stop to that this week. I can’t take it anymore.
4) Worked out twice and didn’t lose any weight, then was very active at the zoo on Friday and was active the rest of the weekend too… It isn’t like I am eating bad, I am just not eating really good (skipping meals because I truly am not hungry)… I am trying this next week to eat 3 meals a day (not skipping) and to have snacks to keep my metabolism going… Reminds me of the movie Big Daddy when the cute little kid is saying it… oh, heart melts…
5) Realized I am not very good at putting on nail polish, yet I keep trying anyways…
6) Sewing machine ate a onesie… Nuff said.
7) Our IT department doesn’t like me because I am a little bit bossy… No you don’t say. Well sorry if I respectfully request that you do your job and do what you are told.
8) Really bad weather in the DFW area last week. The hubbys aunts house had the only tornado in Irving start on top of their house and make a BIKE size hole in the roof. At least everyone was ok, and the damage is repairable!



  1. Your weeks are so crazy, lady! I too am addicted to Pinterest. Ohhh, this could be bad! I already spend too much time on blogs, like I need another internet addiction. So sorry to hear about Laci and the fireants, ugh I hate those things! Jasmin stepped in a huge pile the day of our wedding BBQ, talk about a scream! I don't think I've heard her scream like that before.

  2. Ok, I love the fact that you make lists for the following week!!! I am with you on the terrible memory loss...I can't remember things for the life of me. Half the time I forget to bring my grocery list with me to the store...not good cause I can't remember what we need then. LOL! I am loving the high of no bird poop:-) I am totally and completely addicted to pinterest too:-)


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