Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Highs and Lows #10

Time again to re-cap the week. It was a pretty good one if I don't say so myself!

1) One of my favorite authors was in town promoting her new book (more on that in a moment) and my awesomely adorable friend Heather, who likes her just as much, got wrist bands at 8am Friday morning (I was at work) so that we could get our books signed later that night! Got in line with our designated group at 7:30 and got our books signed at 9:40... So stinkin' excited!
2) My awesometastic husband surprised me and brought home Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich on Thursday, June 23 which had apparently come out on June 21st. I didn't even know it. He then followed it up by telling me she was in Frisco signing books on Friday, June 24th. I didn't think I was going to get to go because of our soccer game being at 6:12... but on Friday morning Heather texted me and told me that our time was at 7:30 to get in line and I knew I could make it there even if I was hauling like a mad lady to get there. In retrospect I should have slowed down a little bit seeing as how our books weren't signed till almost 10:00pm.
3) Got in so much reading time after I got my new book that I finished the entire book in less than 72 hours. It was a good one! I have decided that chapter 28 and page 282 were my favorite parts of the book, and in part think that it is because I am 28 that this is so significant! It was "pretty cool"!
4) After the book signing Heather's super fantastic hubby Mike (who needs to get over the fear of having kids and have one already... had to throw that in there because ya'll would be awesome parents!!!) met us up at the mall and bought me dinner at Cheesecake Factory for my birthday!
5) Jake LOVED his Father's Day stuff! See yesterday's post to see what I am talking about!
6) Got to spend an amazing Saturday with our friends ALL day! It was so much fun from the dancing, to the fireworks, to the games, food, drinks, just everything was awesome! I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!

1) All that cake makes the scale be my frenimy... We are currently not on speaking terms, in fact I skipped yesterday mornings weigh in because I knew how bad it would be. This morning I didn't skip, but it wasn't forgiving either. Bad thing is I expect to eat equally as crummy this weekend. Eh, hard core workout and diet to commence on 7/5 when I return to work. Saying goodbye to cake may be the hardest one. I also will need to wake up for some crack of dawn 5:15am workouts too. Yuck! But my hips and thighs will thank me later!
2) My knee was REALLY hurting on Friday after the game where a girl knocked the side of my knee. It was still hurting Saturday and some on Sunday. It didn't hurt yesterday, but I am still thinking I should go see the doctor because I know I have some major scar tissue build up that needs to go.
3) I had scheduled to take Jake on a tour of the Dallas Cowboy Stadium, got him all excited about it, only for the tour to be canceled. Bummer! I felt so crummy even though it wasn't my fault!

Overall it was a great week! The tour getting canceled was the lowest low, but aside from that it was fantastic!



  1. yay for a fun week! Hopefully our cookie adventure will be on both of our highs on Sunday, instead of lows. "Got together with a friend, baked cookies, got food poisoning" LOL!

    I've been friends with my scale lately, but that's hit or miss.

    Sorry about your knee, doll. That stinks. I have a wonky knee, which means I have to be really careful with it. At all times. Bummer.

    See you soon!

  2. That is so great about the book signing! how fun! And so great that your friend AND hubby were so cool to hook you up!

  3. Sorry I am now just reading this. Just getting back into the swing of things from the trip. I am glad you could make it to the book signing. (Reading your number 4 made me laugh out loud).


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