Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Gift for Miss Madyx

I can't help it, I love to be crafty and cute. It is in my blood. Actually as I was at my sewing machine making myself feel better last night I asked my mom, who had come over and was sitting there with me, if she was thrilled when I started being crafty. Her answer was a resounding yes. She said that she was very happy that she had someone to share her gift with. I on the other hand am very glad to have received that gift.

So remember when I was miffed that we were not informed that there was a baby shower for one of the owners of where Laci is at Cheer (also where I went 12 years ago, so I have known this person for a REALLY long time)? Well I got over being miffed at the old team mom and decided to make a baby basket gift that would WOW no matter the fact that it was a week late.

So with out further ado, here is the completed gift basket that I made for little Miss Madyx. Isn't it adorable? I loved how it turned out.

Madyx Gift - Resized for Blog

Question, if you actually went out and paid for a basket this adorable, how much would you pay or someone that had a lot of money pay for it?

Basket includes:
(2) Diaper Wipe Holders with Newborn Diapers and Small Wipe Cases in Each
(2) Monogrammed/Bedazzled/Gussied Up Onsies
(4) Monogrammed Burp Cloths
(1) Flower Headband
(4) Lollypops (Washcloth/Spoon Combo)

So how much would you pay or suggest for retail on this beauty. Be real and give me what you think it should go for and also what you would pay for it.

Here are some close ups of the goods!





So I know you are all wanting to know about the tutorial for the diaper wipe holder. Well I did take REALLY good pictures when I was putting it together, so now I have to figure out how to make a pattern, any one experienced pattern makers that want to help me out? No... ok... I'll figure it out on my own. Anyways, so I am working on that for ya'll. It may take some time to write up because it is going to be VERY picture heavy and lots of little explanations here and there.

Have a great day everyone!


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