Monday, June 27, 2011

iDad - Father's Day Gift

***Sorry for the bad pictures, I have better ones, but they are on the camera and these are from my iPhone.***

Ok, so Jake and I are iPad fanatics! I mean we are attached at the hip to them, speaking of mine is sitting less than 5 feet away from me. Jake has had his iPad since they first came out so he has the original, I have the 2G iPad. They function the exact same, mine just has a couple different added features. No biggie though. Anyways, so for Father's Day I was wishy washy on what I was going to get him because we are the type of family that isn't patient waiting for holidays and that makes buying things for special occasions difficult because we typically have the things we want. So when I ran across this idea over at seven thirty three I knew I HAD to do this... She even provides the printable so that next year you can do this too!

So I printed off the design, painstakingly cut the flaps (this was time consuming, but so worth it), put it together, had Laci put her hand prints on the back and write her name, then added my notes under the flaps and wrote a little on the back. It was adorable!

I had to do the box too and decorate it to say iDad, I loved how it turned out, plus no mistaking it for an iPad... although he did at first, but I quickly corrected him before he opened up the box.

I lightened up this picture so that you could see I even modified the side. The effect was there anyways.

So when he opened the box he would find the card and that was super cute right?!? Up to this point I have spent nothing but my time.

I decided that I still wanted to get him something, and although the budget wasn't small, I wanted to use my creativity and do something for Jake. Along my path of searching iDad stuff I wanted to see what Cafe Press had to offer. I found the most adorable iDad shirt here but didn't want to spend $23.00 plus shipping.

Ultimately I decided that I was going to make him an iDad shirt... I stopped by Hobby Lobby the next day, got a white large shirt for $4.32 went home and made magic. If you don't know what I am referring to about my magic... I am referring to freezer paper stenciling the shirt and using my cricut to make the freezer paper designs. In my opinion this turned out so much cuter than the one I could have bought on Cafe Press, I mean hello mine has the cute apple logo. Score!

So when I packaged everything the shirt was under the blue tissue and the card was on top so that he would have to look at the card before the shirt. Here is the shirt... looks kind of squished in the box, but I was trying to get iDad to show when he pulled the tissue off...

He said he loved his iDad Father's Day. The cool thing was that it was something he never would have expected and he really loves his iPad so it was truly perfect!

What do you think? Did I do good?



  1. Thanks for sharing!!! Your iDad turned out great. I love the box additions... I had great plans to do up a box and never got to it. :( And I LOVE the shirt! Great idea!

  2. hey :0 just letting you know that all your links head back to your homepage :)

  3. don't worry, i know the feeling- I'm not about to spend precious money on blog design (hence the dodginess of mine!) :)

    my first point ... did you want you links along a bar under the heading like mine? if you did you need to choose to put it in the section i did ... directly under the heading. see picture 2

    as for the links from what i can see your layout should not be a problem at all

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    for your contact me it's a little different try putting this in the url box i will check to see if it works... if not i will come up with plan b :)

  4. oh sorry if your confused as to where you do this go to design and press edit for your links

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    this is where you change your info


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