Monday, June 20, 2011

Highs and Lows #9

Remember that REALLY crummy week the week before? Well it was super awesome town this week! Totally made up for the bad week from before.

1) Got to spend 3 whole days with one of my really good friends who lives in LA. I can't tell you with words what a great time I had. I stayed up till 3am every day, danced, went to the Dallas Cowboy Stadium, was on the jumbo tron there, had my picture taken on the Star in the middle of the field, had a bar full of people singing me Happy Birthday at 12:00am on my birthday(still blushing from this one), and just had a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) My mommy made me chicken and rice for dinner on my birthday, bought me a Casa Linda birthday cake (I have had WAY too much cake this week) and got me some very sweet gifts that she didn't have to get.
3) I had an Aha Moment last week on my birthday.... so how many of you do face book? You do huh? See that little like button on the right hand bar... Like my page... feel free, take a moment, you know you want to.... Ok, on to the high. Well I have over 200+ some odd fb friends right. Well not even 1/4 of them said anything for my birthday. I mean I know that some people that I am friends with that say I don't do the HB facebook thing and said it in person, or via text, but I am talking about all those people that you know do the facebook happy birthday thing. Well you know my 10 year HS reunion is coming up this fall. My Aha Moment, I don't care! I wasn't friends with those people then, I obviously am not even remotely friends with them now, so why am I going to waste my time and money on people who are self centered and don't care about me? I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Are there things that I would have changed before I met Jake? YES, but ultimately there isn't much that I would have done different. Those people who I grew up with, that made fun of me because I had glasses and didn't have the same designer clothes, the same ones that I cheered with, the ones that I spent all of my time... these are the same people I am talking about that do the facebook HB thing. My ultimate realization.... Why after years of commenting on their statuses, pictures, etc... am I still doing it? Sometimes it is because I see something that will catch my eye that I want to comment on, other times... I think subconsciously I was wanting to be like them and gain their friendship even after trying since we were in 4th grade. But, what I realized this week, it isn't about those friends that I don't have, it is about those that I do have. Female friends: Tia, Lauren, Ashley, Jen, Jennifer, Kelly, Andrea, Peggy, Stephanie, Nicki, Allyson, etc. (sorry if I missed you and you feel left out.. this is easy to edit so just call me out on it and I'll add you - I didn't put the guys on there, but you know who you are!!!)... These are the people it is about. The people that care about me, the people that want to ask how my day was regardless of it if is my birthday. The people that I care about knowing how they are doing, about their kids, jobs, lives outside of me. I think sometimes I might care too much, but that is my giving personality. But ultimately...

THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT, my friends that care about me and I care about them!!! - It only took me 28 years to figure this out, but really this is what life is about! I am happier than ever and I know that it will only get better from here!

About my reunion, poll right now say 98% chance I am not going to go. I don't have a need to show off my life and what I have done with it, nor do I want others to do the same to me. At this particular moment in time I would rather eat dirt than go to my 10 year reunion.

4) Got to work out and do Body Pump again for the first time on Saturday! It felt great... for a couple hours anyways! :o)
5) Got to hang out with my best friend on Saturday night (she came out even though she was sicker than a dog - she still owes me for bailing early though).
6) It was just the best week ever! Nuff Said!

1) Hubby was working on my birthday, but it was ok, I call it a semi-low, because I never like being away from him regardless of the day.
2) My in-laws left town. I wish I could have spent more time with them and Steve and Sara, but they understood that I had plans previously.
3) Co-worker out the entire week... exhausting! I didn't get a thing done that I needed to do, just so that I could keep her desk clean. Eh, at least I felt like I did my part, just was exhausted at the end of the week.
4) Said work out from above has me walking like I was hit by a mac truck... I am SO sore that I would like to be doing nothing for a couple days.


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