Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What would you take?

It's no secret... I live in Texas. I don't know how many of you are aware, but there are some pretty massive forest fires going on west of where I live... way west, but still. It got my husband Jake and I thinking, what would we take if we were told we had to leave the house and had x amount of time.

We listed it out if we only had 10 minutes:
1) Laci would be our first priority
2) Our dog Kami
3) Computers and external hard drive
4) Wedding album and Laci's baby pictures
5) Sewing Machine and Embroidery Arm (dude this thing costs an arm and a leg... if I had the chance I would take it).

If we had an hour:
We would move on to clothing and other valuables. But to be honest, there isn't much that we couldn't replace. Yes there is emotional and sentimental value, but if we got those things, that would defiantly help ease the blow.

Anyways, the reason I say this was not just because of the wild fires going on right now, but because after talking about this I had a nightmare last night. So I had a dream that my mom and sister had about 10 minutes to get our stuff out of this burning building. It was what I would picture a NY apartment building to look like. Weird I know. So I go into the apartment and luckily go to this room to make sure a guy and baby were out and he was sleeping. It took a couple minutes to wake him up, but once he was up he got out with the baby and some of their clothes.

Then I go to my room. I seriously took as much craft stuff as I could stuff in my bags and hands. I didn't get clothing not one piece of it. I kept hearing in the back ground my sister yelling lets go, as I was grabbing beads and string and ribbon. I finally get out to the car and realize I didn't grab any clothes. I told them I had to go back in and fill up a laundry basket and as I was going back in I woke up.

I know I was having weird dreams because I had a MASSIVE headache last night. I woke up at midnight and could barley stumble to the bathroom to check the cabinet for Aleave or Tylenol. No such luck... crashed back in bed because I didn't feel safe going down the stairs (really that is how bad my head was pounding). Woke back up at 4:45 and felt safe enough to make it down stairs. Got Aleave and went back to bed. Woke up at 6:30 with a tiny tiny headache and got up. Headache is gone now, but man that was brutal.

So what would you take if you had 10 minutes or one hour? Keep in mind some of the people in west Texas were told to leave immediately, so what would you take even if you only had 60 seconds to get out the door? Make you cringe a little? This obviously impacted how I felt. Luckily I don't live in an area this is likely to happen anytime soon, but still it makes you think...

I'll try not to be so "REAL" tomorrow... this was a little too much for me.



  1. I'm in Texas too, just east of Dallas in Rockwall (30 minutes east). If I had 60 seconds, besides the family, dog and parrot (I'd throw them in the kennel together, I have a small docile dog) I'd grab the computers, and a can of formula (my daughter has to have a specialty formula, she was born with gastroschisis).

  2. Wow interesting thought. I live in Maine surrounded by woods and have often thought about the "what if". I'd give each of my kids a big container to throw anything they want into while the Hubs and I would get the computer, each child's memory box, and the family photos. Let's face it, everything else is replaceable.


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