Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 Days and Counting

Talking about being real yesterday was nothing compared to this...

I have 10 days before Laci's party and am starting to freak out. Why? Because I have been so busy with baby showers, Holden being born, and not spending enough time on the details. I have a GROWING list of things to do and am praying that the white tarp I ordered from online gets here soon. If it doesn't get here I will survive, but it would be a really cute addition to the bounce house. Here is my ever growing to do list...

1) Confirm cake delivery on Friday, April 29
2) Make Shirts for Jake and I
3) Oh wait... I have to buy the shirts first
4) Punch out the party hats
5) Finish up the gift bags
6) Digitally Create the fire place sign, print, laminate, and install
7) Food Labels
8) Decorate Tarp when it comes in
9) Sew Velcro on the tarp
10) Take balloons to party city
11) Cut out photo cards for guests (card to take with them telling them thank you and the link to view the pictures
12) Pick up the 20x24 frame
13) Make a list of needed food
14) Buy said food
15) Make cookies
16) Make dipped pretzels
17) Make Rice Krispy Treats
18) Pick up popcorn from popcorn papa
19) Make Green Egg Oreos
20) Buy Laci's gift from Jake and I
21) Pull out cash for three of the vendors (no mugging me on Friday or Saturday)

This is just what I already have on my list. I am kind of freaking out that it is only 10 days away. I sure could use a hand...

To top it off I am going to the doctor today because I am pretty sure I have an infection of the not so fantastic kind. I want to head it off at the pass because it is major uncomfy.


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  1. I hope your appt went okay! I'm really looking forward to meeting you, small world!


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