Friday, April 22, 2011

Highs and Lows

My new blogging buddy Jen over at Life, Crafts, and Whatever is doing a new type of Linky Party... Not the crafty kind, but it is called Highs and Lows. It is truly a perfect thing for me to post about on the weekend when I don't feel like adding pictures. I will have to watch the movie that she is referring to in her post... Either way the linky party is pretty cool... List out my Highs and Lows for the weeks, sounds easy enough, here goes...

1) Getting complements on the cookies I made for Laci's Easter party (will post another day).
2) Sleeping 10 hours. Talk about rejuvenation!
3) Laci trying out for the competitive cheer squad and doing great!
4) Laci doing her first back walkover at home on the carpet... twice! It was great!
5) Making a great friend and them saying they will come out to Laci's party, bring their kiddos and meet me! Talk about excited!

1) Seeing a weather forecast and thinking it was going to rain the day of my daughter's birthday party.
2) In the middle of making cute said cookies from above wondering why I thought it was such a good idea, but unable to turn back.
3) Oh, how can I forget... bad infection. That's ALL I'm gonna say about that.

Overall it was a great week! So how about it! Go join Jen in her new style linky party! I like it. Reminds me what I did this week and made me think that it really was a great week! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. I heart your number five on your highs, chicka. I'm excited to meet you, you seem so down to earth and real. I mean, we're all real, but you know what I mean. Thanks for joining!

  2. Sleeping 12 hours should have Benn mentioned twice! That's fabulous!

  3. Julie-

    10 hours of sleep. my blue eyes just turned green.

    hope she makes the cheer squad, my years cheering were the best of my childhood...

  4. 10 hours of sleep = heaven. and the bad infection? yikes.

    thank you for your sweet words about my friend.

    {i've totally seen your blog 'around' before and i love it! count me in as a regular}


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