Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Anyone who knows me at all can tell you I am OCD and completely anal retentive. Tell me is this too much. So this morning as I lay there before getting up I was thinking to myself how nice it would have been to have a birthday binder to stay organized. Don't get me wrong, I have my lists and stuff everywhere, but by everywhere I mean... one to do list is on my iPad, one list is on a piece of paper in my bag, and one list is at home in a bag. It would be really nice to have a birthday binder with sections for each area... like this:

Section 1: Birthday Topic & Random Ideas/Inspiration
Section 2: Cake/Cupcakes (Ideas or Vendor)
Section 3: Food Ideas & Shopping Lists
Section 4: Character Costume / Name & Number of person wearing said costume
Section 5: Bounce House
Section 6: Face Painter
Section 7: Wall/Garage/Mantle Decoration Ideas
Section 8: Balloons
Section 9: Outfit for Laci / Shirts for Jake and I
Section 10: Gift Bags
Section 11: Miscellaneous

I mean I already know that I am strange, think about things entirely too much, but work with me here... does this not sound like a decent idea? I mean my cards and brochures from vendors are just in bags and random places, then the next year I don't have to go searching for a piece of paper, I could just go to my 4th Birthday Binder and start planning my 5th and so on and so forth? I really just might do this for Laci's 5th Birthday, in fact I may go ahead and put stuff in said Birthday Binder and put the binder on a shelf in my craft room so that next year I can use my binder to contact the same vendors (provided they did a good job).

Am I crazy, OCD, or just organized?



  1. I think it's a great idea! I'm anti list though, to my Jake's dismay. He makes a list for EVERYTHING. I mean, it's better than stressing over it because you misplaced something, or forgot something, right?

    Can't wait for Saturday!

  2. Your comments on Less Cake More Frosting caught my eye today because I have people say the same things about me and it does hurt. But when we are wired that way to be crafty I don't think we need to apologize for it. I was thrilled when I clicked over to see that it was you and I already follow your fabulous blog:-)


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