Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Cheer Athletics Shirt

Tonight is another Cheer Athletics class. The picture below is the second finished shirt for Laci to wear. I think it is cute! I love polka dots. They are my favorite! Below I need some advice for another shirt.



Ok, so another one I am experimenting with is the yo-yo's. I love the shirt that Anne over at Anne's Antics did during her Mother's Day post. It has yo-yo's and they were made into flowers. So last week we got a "warning" on the fact that the CA logo is copyrighted. Let me state.... I am NOT going to be selling any items with CA logo or words. Since Laci isn't on team yet we don't have to buy all the gear that is required, and all the shirts & shorts they have is going to swamp the child since we are in a 2T-3T and the smallest they have is an XXS Shorts and a XS Shirt. I had already done the above shirt before the warning, but for the rest of the shirts we are thinking of going a little more plain with words like Cheer and Cheerleader and other stuff (not quite as cute, but won't get us in trouble). I like the look of the shirt below (not sewn down, but just laying there waiting for your advice) but the hubby said it doesn't look like a cheerleader shirt. Any suggestions?


Oh, today's post marks my 98th post. It seems like just yesterday when I started this adventure. Tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday post will be 99 and It's Stinkin' Cute Thursday will be 100. WOW... So, if I get some good comments before Friday I might just consider doing a giveaway. But in addition to advice. I need to know what to do for a giveaway? Be sure to make suggestions so that can do one.



  1. I think it looks very cute-they remind me of pom poms. Also thanks for the award below. I'm so happy I found your blog. Its very cute!

  2. Crystal - What a great idea... pom poms they shall be... just need to make them look more like pom poms. Wheels are spinning... THANK YOU! I was very excited to find your site too. You are very creative! I love the inspiration! - Julie


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