Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Labels for Posts & Baby Gift Ideas

I have a new appreciation for labels in posts. I rarely did them, and now looking back am a little irritated at myself for not doing them. I have 93 posts and am trying to go back and do labels on them so that I can easily find stuff. 93 posts... I know scary right? Should I do something special for 100? Wait until I have 50 followers, or wait for my 1 year blogging anniversary to do one? I may need some feedback and blogging love if you want a give away, and maybe tell me what kind of things you might want up on the giveaway? If I don't get any responses I won't know what to do.

Ok, so I have a friend that is having a baby girl next month and was perusing ideas for baby gifts and FELL IN LOVE with these items over at Cute as a Fox! She has a Blanket Lollypop Tutorial, a Burp Cloth and Baby Sock Cupcake Tutorial, and a Washcloth Candy Roll Tutorial.

I think it is all super stinkin' cute and will be what I will do, plus some embroidery with the baby's name! What do you think?



  1. LOL..I did the same thing with my labels! It was a pain in the you know what to go back and label all of my posts!!

    We all love giveaways, so do one for each {wink!}

  2. I'd love to see some pictures if you decide to go that way! They really are fun and easy!

    Thanks for linking me!

  3. AARGHHH! I forget to do labels half the time! I really should go back and fix that, one day....
    the baby stuff looks adorable! I'd like to see pics too!


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