Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shirts for Hannah and Connor

By BFF came over last weekend and we made some freezer paper shirts for her kiddos... needless to say Connor wore his shirt to school on Monday and everyone was asking him where he got it.

Here are the girl scout shirts we made for Hannah...


Her troop is going to make shirts. So these are samples and I think they turned out awesome!

Here is one of the shirts we were working on for Hannah and Connor. It didn't do exactly what I wanted it to do, so booo on that, but its still is neat and all my friend has to do is iron on the letter and sew them on.

Our favorite of the day were these... Hannah's a glitter eagle and Connor has just a silver eagle... I think they turned out awesome! They are super cute and the two shirts cost maybe $10 with all the materials... Much better than spending $30 per shirt at school for a total of $60.


Didn't they turn out awesome. Oh, and I now have my friend fully addicted to freezer paper stenciling like me! :o)


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